How To Fix bad mesh on Deco Router

Sometimes the automatic mesh of the Deco line (x20, x60, x75) of mesh routers from TP-link will prioritize direct connection to the base router but do so with very low signal as seen here:

Example of bad mesh

This can cause slow and intermittent connection, streaming buffering, and gaming lag, among other issues. Another cause for these issues could be someone using your internet, in order to fix taht you should change your password.


  1. In order to fix this we will Tap the map on the Deco app. map in deco app
  2. We will tap in the offending node. Configuration of node
  3. We will tap "Connection Preference". Configuration of connection
  4. we will tap on the unselected node and Save.

And just like that, we are done. Now our network should look like a chain and work much better.

final network map

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Published: Sunday, Oct 15, 2023
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