Improving Lag and Speed in Deco Routers

If you have a TP-Link Deco mesh router, you can improve the speed and lag for certain devices in a few simple steps.


1. Open Deco app

app main page

2. Navigate into clients

In the main page tap on # Online Clients

app clients page

3. Tap into device to improve.

Here you will tap on the device that needs a better connection.

app client page

4. Give it High Priority

This step is only for time sensitive (Lag sensitive) devices like computer / consoles for gaming.

5. Set Connection Preference

Tap on Connection Preference

app client preference page

On this screen, we will give our device the highest Wi-Fi Band possible (that the device supports) as the higher the frequency (Ghz) the faster and less laggy the connection will be.

Note: Higher frequencies have shorter ranges, so the device must already have a strong signal!

6. Save

Tap on save at the top of the screen and make sure everything works. If it doesn't follow the steps, back to undo the changes.

Published: Friday, Oct 27, 2023
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