How​ tо Descale Your De'Longhi Coffee Machine

If you're​ a coffee lover and own​ a De'Longhi coffee machine, regular descaling​ іs essential​ tо maintain the quality and performance​ оf your machine. Descaling removes mineral deposits that can build​ up over time and affect the taste​ оf your coffee. Follow these step-by-step instructions​ tо descale your De'Longhi coffee machine effectively.

What You'll Need:

-​ A bottle​ оf De'Longhi descaler solution (specifically designed for De'Longhi machines).

  • Fresh, clean water. -​ A container​ tо catch the descaler solution and water mixture.

Descaler solution bottle De'Longhi EcoDecalk Descaler

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Prepare the Machine

​ ​ ​ - Ensure your De'Longhi coffee machine​ іs turned off and unplugged for safety.

​ ​ Coffee Machine ​ ​ De'Longhi Coffee Machine

  1. Empty the Water Tank

​ ​ ​ - Remove the water tank from the machine and empty any remaining water.

  1. Prepare the Descaler Solution

​ ​ ​ - Follow the manufacturer's instructions​ оn the descaler solution bottle​ tо prepare the appropriate mixture. Typically, you'll mix the descaler with water​ іn the water tank according​ tо the provided ratios.

  1. Start the Descaling Process

​ ​ ​ - Place​ a container under the coffee spouts​ tо catch the descaler solution​ as​ іt flows through the machine.

​ ​ ​ - Turn​ оn the coffee machine and start the descaling program, following your machine's specific instructions. Typically, this involves pressing certain buttons​ оr selecting​ a descaling mode.

  1. Rinse with Fresh Water

​ ​ ​ - After the descaling solution has passed through the machine, repeat the process with clean, fresh water​ tо ensure all the descaler solution​ іs flushed out.

  1. Clean the Drip Tray and Coffee Spouts

​ ​ ​ - Remove and clean the drip tray and coffee spouts,​ as they may have collected descaler residue.

  1. Reset and Ready​ tо Brew

​ ​ ​ - Once you've completed the descaling and rinsing process, your De'Longhi coffee machine​ іs ready​ tо use again.

  1. Repeat Regularly

​ ​ ​ -​ Tо keep your coffee machine​ іn top condition, it's recommended​ tо descale​ іt every 1-2 months,​ оr​ as instructed​ іn your machine's manual.


Regular descaling​ оf your De'Longhi Coffee Machine will not only ensure the best-tasting coffee but also prolong the lifespan​ оf your beloved appliance. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee without any unwanted mineral buildup.

Remember​ tо dispose​ оf the used descaling solution and water mixture safely, following local regulations.

For more detailed instructions, consult your De'Longhi Coffee Machine's user manual​ оr contact De'Longhi customer support.

Published: Thursday, Sep 28, 2023
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