Manual for Manual coffee grinder aluminum construction

Introducing our exquisite Walnut Top Bead Handle Space Aluminum Coffee Grinder! Equipped with a 420 S/S bearing and a 304 S/S center shaft, this hand grinder is a dream for coffee aficionados. The durable space aluminum fuselage ensures longevity, while the adjustable dial and thickness knob provide you with the perfect grind every time. Whether you’re preparing an Espresso, hand-made coffee, or using a French press, our grinder is adaptable to your needs. Let’s not forget, it’s incredibly easy to clean, requiring only a soft brush for routine cleaning and a deeper clean every 3-6 months. Scroll down to find a preview of our detailed manual, complete with a handy download button, ensuring you have all the information you need!

Instructional Table

Step 1Locate the knob under the main body and turn it clockwise to the tightest position. This is the origin.Cover and hold the handle when turning the knob.
Step 2From the origin, turn the knob counterclockwise for thicker coffee powder.
Step 3Adjust according to appliance: Espresso (7-10 turns), Hand-Made Coffee (16-21 turns), French Press (21-23 turns).Reference values only.

For a more comprehensive guide on using and cleaning your Coffee Grinder, and further information on grind adjustments, explore and download our detailed manual below! Available in both English and Spanish.

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