Hey tech enthusiasts and audiophiles! Ever been stuck trying to connect your dynamic microphone to your diverse devices and felt lost in the maze of cables? Enter our USB Type-C to XLR Cable – your one-stop solution to bid farewell to compatibility woes. It’s like the swiss army knife for all your audio recording needs! 🎤

Compatibility Galore: Whether you’re on Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, iPad OS, or Android, this cable has got your back. Designed for versatility, it plays well with most devices - smartphones, laptops, tablets – you name it!

Microphone Mastery: Got a dynamic microphone? Perfect! This cable’s XLR female head is tailored just for you. Please note, it’s not compatible with condenser microphones, but hey, it’s a champ with the dynamic ones!

Recording Ready: Plug in your microphone, connect it to your computer or mobile phone, and voila! You’re all set to record audio signals. Whether you’re podcasting, singing, or interviewing, it’s your go-to gadget.

Variety in Connectivity: This manual covers a range of connecting cables – TYPE-C to XLR, TYPE-C to 6.35mm, USB to XLR, and USB to 6.35mm. Because, who doesn’t love options?

Easy Peasy Setup: We’re all about making things simple. Follow the step-by-step setup for Win 10, Mac OS, iPad OS, or Android, and you’ll be ready to roll. The preview of the manual is right below, and the download button is just a click away!

Table: Quick Specs

CompatibilityWin 7/8/10, Mac OS, iPad OS, Android
Microphone CompatibilityDynamic Microphones
Connectivity OptionsTYPE-C to XLR, TYPE-C to 6.35mm, USB to XLR, USB to 6.35mm
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